College Dorm Room Essentials

V-Home Bedside Organizer:

My bed was lofted freshman year and this held my Hydroflask, phone and any other little things that I wanted close by after I had to climb all the way up to bed every night. 

Bedside Organizer:


When I first moved into college I was overwhelmed at the thought of turning a tiny room into a cozy and homey space. I feel like having some sort of tapestry definitely helps to cover up the blank walls to make it feel more cute and cozy. 

Amazon Howdy Tapestry:

Amazon Boho Wall Hanging:

Target Be Happy Neon Sign:

Heated Blanket:

I live in Minnesota which consist of very cold winters where I am constantly freezing. I ordered this heated blanket from amazon and it ended up being one of my favorite purchases. 10/10 recommend!

Amazon Heated Blanket:

Rolling Cart:

I purchased a rolling cart at the beginning of the year and didnt know how much I would appreciate the extra storage. It doesn’t take up too much room and I ended up putting Ikea bins in the cart to help me stay organized and clutter free. 

Ikea Bins:

Walmart Bins:

Rolling Cart:

LED Lights:

My roommate and I decided to have LED lights, string lights and edison lights in our room and I loved how it turned out. Highly recommend getting some fun lights because the main fluorescent lights are not great.

LED Lights:

Curtain Lights:

Edison Lights:

Galaxy Light:

Be Happy Light: http://Target Be Happy Neon Sign:

Desk Lamp:

Storage Ottoman:

We purchased a futon and a storage ottoman and it was used EVERYDAY. It was so nice when we had people over to have seating or if friends wanted to stay over. We kept most of our snacks and extra drinks in the ottoman which worked out perfectly.


Target Storage Ottoman:

Amazon Storage Ottoman:

Amazon Alexa:

I purchased an Echo Dot and a plug in for the string lights so we could control the lights through a phone without having to unplug them everyday.

Plug in:

Echo Dot: